In June 2015 Pastor Jeff Jones informed the Elder board of the Quartzsite Alliance Church that he was going to retire. Pastor Jeff asked the Elder Board to approve a transition plan to move Assistant Pastor Jeremiah Holcombe into the role of Lead Pastor. This was approved by the Elder board.
          The plan is that within three years, Pastor Jeff will step down as the Senior Pastor of Quartzsite Alliance Church, gradually turning over his responsibilites to Pastor Jeremiah. Here are some mile stones that will be met in those three years:

Year 1:
           Pastor Jeff and Carol will move out of the Parsonage and Pastor Jeremiah and his family will move in.
           Pastor Jeremiah will recieve the title of Lead Pastor
           Pastor Jeremiah will begin leading the Ministry Board and attending all Elder Board Meetings
           Pastor Jeremiah will begin preaching twice a month
Year 2:
           Pastor Jeremiah will lead the Nominating Commitee and the Annual Meeting.
           Pastor Jeremiah will begin preaching three times a month
Year 3:
           Pastor Jeremiah will begin leading the Elder Board
           Pastor Jeremiah will begin preaching full-time with Pastor Jeff preaching quarterly.

           At the end of the three years of transition Pastor Jeremiah will be installed as the Lead Pastor of the Quartzsite Alliance Church by the C&MA South Pacific District Office. The church is has completed the this process. We have asked Pastor Jeff Jones to stay on as our Community Care Pastor for the 2018-2019 season.